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About 24 Hr Coin Trading History

Many people think investment is an activity that is well out of their reach. Our company is dedicated to fix this misunderstanding. Our professional traders have been engaged in investment activity since 2014, they use an excellent investment strategy, which enables the diversification of risks by investing in CRYPTO TRADING, Share Market, forex Market and investing in various funds and activities all over the world and it demonstrates good results year by year.

Our success is founded on the strength of investment research, in association with the depth of knowledge and experience. It was created for the purpose of providing it’s membership with the safest and most secure investment programs available, with the best possible and achievable returns at a minimum of risk, because all terms of deposits and interest are at reasonable values. With our program we offer you continuous daily profits that will transfer daily in your E-Wallet account.

CRYPTO CURRENCY SERVICE LIMITED is a one of the leading forex & crypto currency marketing companies . We hope you have a great experience on our website and we look forward to a strong business relationship with you.

Our Trading Market trader always uses protective orders to protect the deposit from unexpected and Share & Currency market fluctuations. Constant control of open position and timely intervention in case of unforeseen condition are performed to prevent losses.CRYPTO CURRENCY SERVICE LIMITED is a well-established organization and the main things for us are your confidence regarding our competence. If you want to invest then you have landed up at the right place. Join us and Feel the Difference in your life.


Awesome Services

We provide awesome service for you that satify you need per market demand and a lots of benifit to empowered you.

24/7 Return

See how your capital grow. you are able to see live return of your investment.

24/7 Trading

We are working with your capital 24/7. therefore you receive interest every day of year.

Multilevel Affiliate System

We offer our investors and affiliate partners a state of the art multi-level affiliate program with 3 levels.

Asset Management

Our asset management department team consists only of member who have at least 3 years of experience.

Risk Management

Our risk management department works 24 hours a day to assure the securiy of your investment.


Our support team works 24/7 to assist you. You can also contact us via email support@24hrcointrading.com

What is Bitcoin ?

Frequently Asked Questions

It will take less than a minute of your time to open a personal account. Go to the registration section and enter a login name and password (make sure you write it down somewhere), along with your email address. Then you need to agree to the rules and enter the captcha code.

To top up your deposit account, go to "Make a Deposit" in your personal dashboard. Enter the amount you want to add and choose the payment system for making the transfer. When the payment is received, your deposit balance is updated automatically. Please note that Bitcoin payments require three confirmations from the blockchain network, which means that processing may take up to half an hour.

To withdraw money, go to "Withdraw" in your personal dashboard and specify how much you want to take out (minimum: $0.01, maximum: the entire balance). You also need to specify the payment system where you want to receive the funds.

The deposit is included in payouts. It can't be refunded, and it is active for an unlimited time.

We Offer Quality Full and Affordable Service For You.



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